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Learn How Guardian Makes Setting Up Electronic Data Interchange Easier

Broker submitting files on Guardian's Electronic Data interchange

We have robust technologies and the experience to help make it easier for you to connect your benefit enrollment platform with Guardian to send member data quickly via a secured transfer protocol. Guardian has established data feed connections with more than 300 benefit enrollment platforms, payroll service providers and strategic partners. To simplify the initial set up, we have a dedicated team of experienced professionals who will work with your clients’ benefit enrollment platform provider to establish and test the connection as well as provide ongoing support.

Our goal is to streamline the process to build the data interface by the case effective date so that your client can benefit from all the advantages of having an electronic data interchange (EDI):

  • Enable HR teams to focus on acquiring and developing employees’ skills vs. administrative tasks
  • Enroll and manage plans more easily
  • Submit Evidence of Insurability (EOI) via direct interface or e-link to the Guardian Anytime portal*
  • Decrease process turnaround times
  • Eliminate manual data entry to reduce errors

*Available with some ben admin systems

Interested in learning more? Contact your Guardian Sales Representative.


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