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Enrollment Experience

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Enrollment Technology to Meet Diverse Needs

Graphic showing the overall process for enrollment with Guardian

Guardian has several technology solutions to meet a broad range of your client’s needs: from single carrier, comprehensive multi-carrier or integration with a current platform for enrollment and plan administration needs.* Some of these solutions are available at no cost or at discounted rates to help offset your clients’ costs.

A closer look at Guardian Anytime

We understand that employees want a guided enrollment process that helps them make informed choices and enroll easily, and employers want a simple, comprehensive benefits administration tool to help reduce paperwork and save time. With Guardian Anytime you get both.

Guardian Anytime is a one-stop, proprietary online platform to enroll employees and empower employers to manage their Guardian benefits program. It’s a secure group benefits administration website that provides a suite of tools for employers, and a host of services for employees.

Graphic showing how Guardian Anytime facilitates employee benefits communications between employers and employees


And, for our Supplemental Health products, state-of-the-art avatar technology is available to help guide employees through the enrollment process.



Maximizing Your Clients’ Enrollment Experience
Multi-touch Communications To Drive Results
Broad Enrollment Technology Solutions
Electronic Data Interchange

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