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Enrollment Experience

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Multi-touch Communications To Drive Awareness and Results

Broker explaining Guardian's multiple employee benefits communication touch points to clients.

Robust communications support

Since every client’s culture and benefits strategy is unique, we have comprehensive communication tools designed to raise awareness and generate interest in the benefit offering. 

Successful benefits enrollment starts long before the actual enrollment period, which is why we have created a variety of messaging tools to help your clients’ weeks ahead of time.

We bring together multi-touch communications to drive awareness and provide easy-to-understand benefit materials, so employees have a clear picture of their options and can make informed decisions. 


Graphic showing employee benefits communications options from Guardian


Delivering personalized information and advice

We understand employers’ communication and enrollment needs. Our customized digital and paper communication campaigns engage and educate employees about the value of their benefits.

Graphic showing the flow of employee benefits communications from Guardian.


Personal and ongoing commitment*

Our personalized approach to enrollment takes into account the challenges employers face and helps make enrollment a simple process for employees.

Graphic showing the ongoing approach to enrollment and employee benefits administration with Guardian


Maximizing Your Clients’ Enrollment Experience
Multi-touch Communications To Drive Results
Broad Enrollment Technology Solutions
Electronic Data Interchange

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