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What Accident Insurance Plans Are Right For Your Clients?

brokers discussing accident insurance plans

Voluntary benefits such as accident insurance plans are becoming increasingly attractive to employers. Your clients are trying to balance costs, administrative demands and the needs of their employees — forcing many to rethink their responsibilities when it comes to employee benefits. 

At the same time, employees are now responsible for more out-of-pocket medical expenses than ever before. For many, financial hardship could be one injury away. This provides a unique opportunity for you to sell voluntary products such as accident insurance plans. Supplemental benefits such accident insurance coverage are becoming vital to the financial security of today’s working Americans.

Adding supplemental accident insurance to your portfolio of product offerings allows you to provide a valuable service to your clients and increase your revenue stream. But, which accident insurance coverage is right for your clients? Here are a few questions to ask to help you evaluate plans available from different carriers.

Q. What do accident insurance plans cover?

A. Not all accident insurance plans are alike. The benefit paid depends on the type of injury and specific events during a person's treatment and recovery period. Look for carriers that provide coverage for an extensive range of circumstances.

Guardian's plans pay cash benefits for over 40 different circumstances, including:

  • Emergency room or urgent care facility treatment
  • Imaging, such as x-rays.
  • Injury or diagnosis, such as burns, dislocations, fractures, concussions, eye injuries, and lacerations.
  • Treatments, such as epidural anesthesia pain management, joint replacement, rehabilitation unit confinement and surgery.
  • Hospital admission & confinement
  • Follow-up care, such as follow-up visits to doctors and occupational or physical therapy.
  • Transportation, such as air ambulance and ambulance.


Q. Are dependents covered when playing organized sports?

A. When looking for a well-rounded, comprehensive plan to offer your clients, coverage for youth organized sports injuries is an important feature. Millions of kids play organized sports in the U.S. Most likely a few of those children have parents who work for your clients. And whether it’s baseball, soccer, lacrosse or football, they have a greater risk for accidents when they play sports. 

Guardian's Accident Insurance not only covers children when playing organized sports, it increases benefits by 20% if a covered dependent child (aged 18 years old or younger) is injured while participating in an organized sport.

Q. Are there riders to help customize a plan for each client?

Many accident insurance plans come with available riders that provide more than just accident protection. This allows you to address specific concerns your clients may have in meeting the financial needs of their workforce.

With optional riders* available with any of our plans, Guardian Accident Insurance Plans can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your clients and their employees. Available riders include:

  • Wellness rider. Employees are encouraged to stay healthy through a benefit payment of $50 - $150 per year when they complete certain routine wellness procedures or screenings.
  • AD&D rider (accidental death & dismemberment). Additional benefit payments are provided if there is an:
    • Accidental death
    • Dismemberment
    • Catastrophic loss
    • Accommodation to home or vehicle that is needed
  • Hospital confinement for sickness rider. Coverage is added for each day the insured employee is in hospital due to sickness.
  • Disability rider. An additional benefit payment is provided if the employee or covered spouse becomes disabled and unable to work (weekly payments can be for 26 – 52 weeks).

Q. What kind of enrollment support will my clients get?

A. To make introducing a new plan a success, employees need to understand why they should consider coverage and it should also be easy to enroll in. It's important to look for a carrier that provides comprehensive educational and enrollment support – in print, in-person and online. 

Guardian's enrollment team designs the most optimal enrollment strategy for each client. Employees are assisted throughout the enrollment process to help them understand the coverage so they make the best decisions about their insurance needs. Here are some of the ways your clients' employees are supported:

  • Customized educational materials, such as emails, enrollment kits, posters, flyers and online product videos.
  • Employee benefits hotline
  • Ongoing support, through our self-service online site GuardianAnytime.com where they can enroll, re-enroll, make changes to their benefits, check the status of a claim and more.

Q. Can I trust this company to be there for my clients?

A. Times have changed. Your clients have every right to be concerned about the reputation and financial backing of the people they do business with. Be sure to work with companies that offer the security they deserve.

At Guardian, we've been helping protect the financial security of people and businesses for over 150 years. Our long-standing reputation for reliability means you can trust that we will be there when you and your clients need us. That's why we're one of the most highly rated insurers in the industry.


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