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Guardian Group Dental Insurance

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You’re in good company with Guardian

As a broker, bringing the right group dental insurance to your clients is no small matter. Organizations depend on you to deliver benefits that provide their employees with access to quality care alongside affordability, convenience, and flexible options.


75% of employees consider dental coverage very important


With Guardian you gain a relationship with an industry leader that puts to work decades of dedicated experience and expertise in dental benefits to keep over 8 million members smiling. We are committed to providing you and your clients with:

  • Insights on preventive dental care that will benefit your clients
  • Guidance on future dental trends and what it means for benefits
  • Access to affordable dental care through a strong network and flexible plans

Insights on preventive dental care that will benefit your clients

Providing your clients with resources and materials that educate them on preventive dental care shows that you understand the value of offering dental benefits that goes beyond coverage alone. Guardian is committed to promoting preventive care because of its connection to overall health as well as the savings gained by avoiding major services and dental procedures down the line.

Oral Health Impact on the Body

How preventive dental care can contribute to the overall health of employees

Preventive care can also help clients save money in the long run. Guardian plans are designed to incentivize caring for oral health now to avoid major issues later. For clients who highly utilize preventive benefits, there is a clear ROI – saving nearly 20% on total dental claims. 2

Preventive Dentistry

How preventive dental care is good for a company’s bottom line

With Guardian, you’re in good company, championing the value and importance of preventive dental benefits for your clients. Help them realize this value by sharing this ebook:

Preventive Dentistry eBook

Education and resources to help employees maintain good oral health

Guidance on future dental trends and what it means for benefits

As a leader in the dental industry, Guardian regularly conducts research and shares insights that can help you navigate the current and future trends in the industry. Empower your own business and help your clients grow by harnessing insights on the relationship between benefit utilization and cost savings, as explained in our latest dental health study.

Preventive Dentistry eBook

How employers can improve health outcomes and reduce dental costs

Want to stay on top of what issues are shaping the future of the dental industry? Download our white paper for a thorough examination of how changes in demographics, healthcare, coverage models, and more are shifting the dental landscape.

Whitepaper - The Future of Dentistry

Top 5 Trends Shaping The Future of Dentistry

Access to affordable dental care through a strong network and flexible plans

We know that what you and your clients look for in group dental coverage is a combination of access to affordable care, a robust network, and a range of flexible plan options. With Guardian, we’ll work with you to build a plan that fits the unique needs of your clients and can be assured they will save on dental care through our large selection of dentists offering discounts on care.

A network offering choice and savings

Guardian has one of the nation’s strongest networks that continues to grow each day. We are continually seeking to attract the right dentists – especially the top dentists in your clients’ area. Our approach includes local recruiters who work with you and your clients to attract dentists based on their location and claim activity. Most importantly, our members save through the discounts offered.

Dental Network

The essential elements of a strong dental network

Dental network

How Guardian makes saving on dental care easy

Features to maximize benefits

Working with your clients, you can choose from an array of features that promote good oral care, including:

Maximum Rollover: Allows members to roll over a portion of their unused funds for use in the future.

Dental insurance rollover

How preventive care pays off in the long run

Oral Health Benefits: Guardian can cover important dental care, including fluoride treatments, additional cleanings, oral cancer screenings, and more.

Oral Health

Savings on important oral care treatments

Preventive Advantage: Members can get dental exams, cleanings, X-rays, and fluoride treatments without deductions — all from their annual maximum.

PPO, Managed Dental Care (DHMO) and ASO Options

In select markets, choose between Managed Dental Care (DHMO/Pre-Paid) and PPO. Based on your needs, we can structure plans that are employer-paid, voluntary, or Administrative Services Only (ASO).

PPO Dental Plans*: Customize plans with features that help keep members healthy with the flexibility to save with dentists in our network. In select markets, our tiered benefit plan provides members with even more control over dental care savings.

PPO plans with tiered benefits: Members have even more control over out-of-pocket costs with their choice of dentist (available in select markets).

Dental PPO

The savings and flexibility of offering tiered benefits

Managed Dental Care Plans**: A welcome alternative to standard dental plans – this lower cost option helps members save money on covered care and procedures (available in select markets).

Managed Dental Care

How employers can offer flexible, affordable, low-cost dental options

Dual Choice: A dual win for your clients and members — two dental care plan options that provide comprehensive benefits at great prices (available in select markets).

Dental PPO

Satisfy diverse benefit needs and budgets to ensure all participants get the care they need

ASO Dental Plans: Self-funded dental options put the power of our network to work for your clients, along with cost savings, flexible funding, and efficient claims processing.

ASO Dental

How ASO plans help satisfy clients and control costs

A commitment to service that shows

99% member satisfaction rate with Guardian-contracted dentists

99.7% claims accuracy with two day turnaround

Dental benefits that can also help employees save for college

To address the rising cost of college tuition, Guardian’s exclusive College Tuition Benefit®5 program helps eligible members and their families pay for up to one year of college at over 400 private colleges and universities across the nation. Distinguish your benefits offering to clients by including College Tuition Benefits – plus as a broker, you can even earn tuition rewards for the students in your life by selling Guardian products.

Stay in good company with Guardian.

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Exclusive resources

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Flexible products & network

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Insights on preventive care

Long Term Impact of Good Oral Health
Promote Good Oral Care
Oral Health’s Impact on the Body
The Value of Preventive Care
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