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Request a Group Insurance Quote

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Broker review a Guardian Group Benefits quote with his clients.

3 Tips for Faster Benefit Quotes

To expedite the processing of your group benefit quotes, the following information should be included with each Guardian quotes request:

General Information
  • Producer/Broker Firm name and address
  • Planholder’s name and address
  •  Zip code(s) for each planholder location -Identify which employees work at each location
  • Effective date for benefits requested
  • Nature of Business (SIC)
Census Information
To use our census template for the information below, click here, input the information, and include it with your submission.
  • Member name and address
  • Gender
  • Date of birth or age for all eligible employees
  • Benefit election (EE, EE/SP, EE/CH, EE/SP/CH)
  • Salaries (if salary based benefits are requested)
  • Current voluntary life volumes (voluntary life volumes, evidence of current life and voluntary life coverages)
  • Class distinctions (if applicable)
  • COBRA participants, part-time and retirees as identified on census
  • Job titles (if disability is requested)
  • Full time hour requirements (20, 32 or 40 hours per week)
  • Work zipcode
Benefit Information for Each Line of Coverage
  • Plan design
  • Non-contributory, contributory, voluntary (80%+ of premium paid by the employee)
  • Transferred business
  • Current/renewal rates
  • Length of waiting period for new hire

Note: For experience-rated groups, historical data (premiums, paid claims, waivers, rate history, etc.) is required for the most competitive quote. Contact your sales representative for the specific requirements related to your client. 

Quoting with Guardian

Why Guardian for Group Benefits Quotes
3 Tips for Faster Quotes