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College Tuition Benefit

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College Tuition Benefit

Guardian helps employees – and you - save for college with an exclusive benefit!

Employees may be looking to their employer-sponsored benefits for financial balance and paying for college is a top concern among working Americans1. You have an opportunity to help your clients stand out, while also earning your own College Tuition Benefit rewards, by offering Guardian coverage that includes a College Tuition Benefit. Guardian is helping families by providing this exclusive benefit that can be used at over 380 colleges and universities.

By enrolling in a Guardian plan, participants can earn 2,000 Tuition Rewards® annually for each type of Guardian insurance they elect that includes College Tuition Benefit Rewards.

Available with up to four lines of Guardian insurance2, plan participants earn rewards each year that can be kept forever and shared with family members. The more products offered – the more rewards. Plus, with Guardian dental insurance, participants receive a bonus after the fourth year.

Even more, brokers and their account managers can each earn up to 25,000 rewards each year on qualifying new business cases sold. Rewards can be shared with family members and increase each year. Ask your Guardian Sales Representative for more information.

Help your clients retain and attract employees with this exclusive Guardian benefit.


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College Tuition Benefit

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