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Accident and Critical Illness Insurance

Accident insurance helps you avoid a financial pitfall

An accident can bring expenses that are devastating to your family's finances. Find out how accident insurance can help you prepare for the unexpected:


Accidents can happen. And if one happens to you, your medical insurance will only cover some of the costs. Fortunately, Guardian accident insurance can help you to cover the rest.


In the event of an accident, Guardian accident insurance will pay you a cash benefit for every covered expense – from x-rays to ambulance service – regardless of what is paid by your medical insurance. Benefits are paid directly to you and you are free to use them to cover whatever expenses you deem fit.


For example, you can use your benefits to pay for child care during your recovery; household expenses such as rent, mortgage or food; injury-related modifications to your home or auto; medical co-payments, deductibles and out-of-pocket costs and more. 


In addition, Guardian offers an enhanced child organization benefit, which increases benefits by 20% if a covered dependent child (aged 18 years old or younger) is injured while participating in an organized sport.*

Critical illness insurance helps you focus on recovery, not finances

A serious illness can have serious financial consequences, even if you have health insurance. Learn how you can reduce financial burdens with critical illness insurance:


If you suffer a critical illness such as cancer, heart attack or stroke, your financial burden may include many expenses not covered by medical insurance. Everyday bills such as rent or mortgage will have to be paid, even though your income may be compromised. You may have to travel to a treatment center in another city. And even with the best medical insurance, you’ll still be responsible for co-pays and more.

Guardian Critical Illness coverage is an affordable way to protect yourself from these unaffordable expenses. Your benefits go directly to you and can be used for any purpose – from buying groceries to covering deductibles.

Critical Illness Insurance pays you a lump-sum of $1,000-50,000 upon first diagnosis of a specified critical illness and $500-25,000 upon second diagnosis - money that can be used however you deem fit. You may also have access to a wellness benefit for preventive services, and a hospitalization admission benefit of up to $500 a day should you suffer an accident or non-critical illness.**

Learn more about how supplemental insurance works to help manage healthcare costs.

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