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Employee absences — whether due to a disability, family care demands (Family and Medical Leave) or other reasons — can have a significant impact on your company and your workforce. View studies and tools that can help you better understand the challenges, and show you how some employers and individuals are successfully overcoming them. 

Then learn how our disability insurance and absence management solution can help your company protect your employees, increase productivity, reduce costs and enhance compliance with state and federal leave laws.

The Guardian Absence Management Scorecard

A tool to help you assess and improve the way you manage employee absence.

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2015 Guardian Absence Management Study

Learn trends, activities and outcomes of absence management, including how to start and improve programs.

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Long Term Disability: Workplace Accommodations
Return to work success through workplace accommodation

Guardian’s proactive disability team works with an employer to help a key executive resume full-time work.

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Infographic: Does Your Disability Plan Really Have Employees Covered?
Does your Disability Insurance reallyhave your employees covered?

Find out how typical Group LTD plans may leave higher earners with significant income gaps.

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Trends & Insights In Absence Management

Understand the latest developments in absence management and the progress companies are making to manage their programs.

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Five Best Practices For Improved Absence Management

Learn the best practices of companies already managing absence most successfully.

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Getting Started On A Proven Path

Learn the key steps to success that companies can take when initiating an absence management program.

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Infographic: Effective Absence Management
FMLA Infographic

Learn the five best practices that drive absence management success.

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Infographic: Getting Started With Absence Management
Absence Management Infographic

Learn about available resources and a step-by-step process for establishing an absence management program.

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Infographic: Managing FMLA

Why do employers need help managing FMLA? Consider these insights.

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Linsey's Back to Work Story

After a devastating accident, personalized support from Guardian helps return her to a productive lifestyle.

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Short Term Disability: Return to Work Services
Woman returns to work after being on out on short term disability.

How Guardian vocational assessment made workplace modifications possible to help an employee return to work.

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The Guardian Absence Management Activity Index and Study
women presenting  absence management report

Activities to consider which can increase employee workplace productivity.

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Long Term Disability: Better Outcomes
Mechanic returning to work after long term disability

A case study on how Guardian return to work assistance helped avert job loss and long term disability.

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The Cost of FMLA Mismanagement

Learn about the financial consequences to employers who mismanage Family and Medical leaves.

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