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Dental Insurance

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Managed Dental Care Plans* put quality, affordable dental insurance within reach

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Managed Dental Care Plans, also called DHMO or Pre-Paid Plans, enable employers to offer comprehensive, affordable dental insurance across their organization. Your employees select a primary care dentist from the network at enrollment and save by paying lower rates for covered care and procedures. These dental insurance plans also offer multi-year rate guarantees, which can help extend those savings. With Managed Dental Care Plans, you can provide a benefit employees value, while meeting both company and employee budgets.

Give your employees a robust, affordable dental insurance plan

Managed Dental Care Plans cover 416 CDT codes, including treatments more commonly expected from a PPO plan, at a lower price. The plans cover adult fluoride, oral cancer screenings, brush biopsies, sealants, and anesthesia, plus:

list of services provided in managed dental care plans

Opportunities for even more employee savings

Employers and members are rewarded for loyalty. After a dental insurance plan has been in-force for three years, we pay the copay for general dentist visits. That’s an added incentive for your employees to schedule regular checkups and to maintain good oral health. When they do, they are likely to be happier and more productive in your workplace.

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It is easy for you

Managed Dental Care Plans can be offered on an employer-paid, contributory or voluntary basis. Each dental insurance plan has been designed to enable your company to offer one consistent plan if you have employees in multiple state locations. That makes it simpler to administer and communicate plan benefits across your organization.

It is easy for members

Members select a primary care dentist from the network of dentists when they enroll and save by seeing that dentist for care. They have a set copay for each type of service. This makes it easy to budget and plan for future care. There are no deductibles or claims to submit and no annual maximum on care.

list of benefits for managed dental care plans

Get more choice and affordable dental insurance options for your company

Managed Dental Care Plans are designed to complement a PPO** or Value Plan** as part of a dual-choice solution. This affordable dental care solution is a popular voluntary option that provides even greater discounts to employers and has no participation requirements. Employees can choose between the flexibility of a PPO and the lower cost of a Managed Dental Care plan, both providing comprehensive dental insurance benefits that help members save money on important care.

Managed Dental Care Plans can also be customized with a buy-up option for employees who would like to upgrade to the PPO. With dual choice, you can confidently offer more benefit options and affordable dental care, and enable your employees to select the dental insurance plan that best suits them and their family.

Contact your broker today

Learn more about these plans and get help determining which affordable dental insurance option best meets your company’s needs.

Managed Dental Care Plans are available in:
California, Texas, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Florida, Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Missouri


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