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Disability Insurance & Absence Management

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Watch Our Vocational Rehabilitation Story

After a devastating accident left an employee unable to use his left hand, Guardian found a solution to help him get back to work and avoid a long-term disability.

While there are hundreds of stories we could share, this one deeply spoke to what it means to be a Vocational Rehabilitation Specialist at Guardian.

Watch Camellia’s story:


As with all our professional resources, the Vocational Rehabilitation Specialist reflects our holistic, total-person approach to disability, which encompasses both the physical and the mental. Together with Registered Nurses and Behavioral Health Specialists, they can assess employee functionality and transferable skills, place employees in robust rehabilitation programs, and help employees return to a productive lifestyle. Many of our Vocational Rehabilitation Specialists are also Certified Ergonomic and ADA Specialists.

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Watch Our Vocational Rehabilitation Story
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An Integrated Approach to Disability and Absence Management

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