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Disability Insurance & Absence Management

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Disability Insurance Benefits

Disability insurance benefits

At Guardian, providing disability benefits is as much about successfully returning employees to work as it is about protecting them financially. If you have employees who have been sidelined due to serious illness or injury, our caring case managers and in-house clinicians will work proactively to get them back to a productive lifestyle.


At the same time, our Group Short Term Disability (STD) and Group Long Term Disability (LTD) Insurance will pay cash benefits to help compensate for lost income. Thanks to our expert claims management, your employees can count on those payments being made quickly and accurately.


Customizable disability insurance benefits 

Because of our flexible plan design, we’re able to look holistically at the needs of your company, employees, and industry to design a program that’s right for you. Our contracts offer a wide range of customizable features for companies large and small, as well as many provisions that give employees opportunity and incentive to return to work.


With our Voluntary STD plans, as an employer you can give your employees choices over different aspects of your plan, including benefit amounts and combined options for benefit duration & elimination period. Each employee is able to select the right level of income replacement coverage for his or her needs and budget which enables you to meet the varied needs of your entire workforce.

A comprehensive portfolio of solutions

In addition to a variety of Group STD and LTD Insurance plans, including voluntary plans, we also offer Supplemental, an individual policy that can be seamlessly integrated with our Group LTD to provide more complete income protection.

Group Short Term Disability
  •  Administrative Services Only (ASO)
  • Employer-paid, contributory or voluntary (employee-pay-all)
Group Long Term Disability Employer-paid, contributory or voluntary (employee-pay-all)  
Supplemental Individual Disability Income Insurance Employer-paid, contributory or voluntary (employee-pay-all)  
State Disability Statutory: New York, New Jersey and Hawaii

One of the most trusted names in group disability insurance

Guardian has been a leader in employee benefits for more than 65 years. In fact, more employers trust Guardian to protect their employees in the event of a disability than any other carrier.

#1 in total inforce group disability cases STD cases and LTD cases.

Deeply committed to claims management excellence 

At Guardian, we take great pride in our claims management and hold ourselves to a very high standard for efficiency, accuracy, and customer satisfaction. To give you just one example, we calculate our average turnaround time based on when a claim is initiated versus starting the clock only when we have “all available claim information.”



We work smarter to keep it simple 

Greater efficiency starts with our simple claims submission process. When employees need to file a claim, there are no forms and no hassles. They simply call or file online. We make the process easier for employers too, with a single, reliable point person to provide you with information and answers throughout the claims process. 

A proactive, empathetic approach to claims 

With Guardian, your employees not only get excellent service but the empathetic treatment they deserve — all from a highly skilled and seasoned staff that really understands disability and the importance of providing support in an uncertain time.



Our staff begins the information-gathering process for claims immediately. Once a claim is filed, we’ll reach out to employees, planholders, and treatment providers within 24-48 hours.

A strong focus on return to work

Bringing in the right resources at the right time is essential to help employees through the complexities of a disability and drive the earliest return-to-work outcomes. In addition to registered nurses, our in-house team includes vocational rehabilitation specialists who can assess employee functionality and transferable skills, place employees in robust rehab programs, and more. As needed, we will also engage:


  • Independent physicians, from a national network, who will consult with us based on the insured’s specific diagnosis.
  • Behavioral health professionals, reflecting our holistic, total-person approach to disability, which encompasses both the physical and mental.
  • Certified ergonomic specialists to oversee workplace accommodations that may help prevent disability and/or its re-occurrence.

Voluntary disability insurance benefits: A smart and cost-effective option

Our voluntary plans offer the same great service and disability benefits as our Group STD and LTD plans. However, they enable you to cover your employees at affordable group rates while paying little or nothing yourself.


Guardian makes it easy for your employees to understand the value of these disability benefits by providing an array of educational resources and decision support resources, from on-site meetings to online tools. We also eliminate any hurdles to signing up by offering simple online enrollment and dedicated enrollment support.


Traditional voluntary plans, Guardian DI Choice, Voluntary Buy-up plans, Health-coverage packages


The enrollment services and customer support you need 

At Guardian, we’re there when you need us. For example, when it comes to plan enrollment, we can develop a strategy tailored to your company’s culture and communications approach, providing consultative, individualized guidance to employees as well as multi-channel outreach.


From the very start, we will take care of all of your ongoing needs by providing:

  • A dedicated implementation team supported by local account managers
  • Call-in Customer Response Unit offering 800-number assistance
  • Online billing and Automated Clearing House services
  • Claims reimbursement reporting services

Contact your broker today 

Learn more about why Guardian is a smart choice for group disability insurance benefits. We’ll be glad to work with you and your broker to determine the best coverage for your company’s needs.


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Disability Insurance Benefits

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