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Hospital Indemnity Insurance

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Hospital Indemnity Features and Advantages

The lowest cost Guardian Hospital Indemnity Insurance plan is the Hospital and Intensive Care Unit (ICU) Admission Benefit. It pays a benefit if a covered person is admitted to a hospital or ICU due to a covered sickness or injury. But you can make the coverage more comprehensive.

Create a customized solution

To more fully meet employee needs and budgets, the following benefits1 may be added and combined for a more personalized plan:

  • Hospital Confinement
  • Intensive Care Unit (ICU) Confinement
  • Ambulance - Air & Ground  
  • Diagnostic Tests
  • Doctor's Office Visit  
  • Health Screening  
  • Emergency Room & Urgent Care  
  • Home Health Care  
  • Hospice Care    
  • Surgery - Inpatient and Outpatient
  • Outpatient Therapy  
  • Rehabilitation Unit Confinement  
  • Prescription Drugs  
  • Lodging & Transportation


Health savings account (HSA)-compatible

You can also offer a Guardian Hospital Indemnity Insurance plan with any or all these benefits:

  • Hospital & ICU Admission
  • Hospital & ICU Confinement
  • Rehabilitation Unit Confinement
  • Health Screenings
  • Lodging & Transportation


Hospital indemnity insurance plan advantages

When it comes to hospital indemnity plans, you currently have two choices: expense-based (or GAP) plans and indemnity-based plans, such as Guardian Hospital Indemnity Insurance. When you compare Guardian to GAP plans, and to other indemnity-based plans, you can see there are important differences.

Guardian Hospital Indemnity Insurance vs. GAP plans

Advantages of Guardian Hospital Indemnity Plan Over Expense-Based (GAP) Plans

Simplicity Guardian Hospital Indemnity is easy to understand. Guardian pays a flat amount for service or treatment due to a covered sickness or injury, even if it's not covered by the medical plan.
Flexibility Guardian's clients can customize a plan to help with expenses resulting from a covered hospital admission that other insurance may not cover.  Employers can select the benefits that best fit with their employee's medical plan, other supplemental health plans, and budget.
Utilization Management Employers can adjust the Hospital Indemnity plan benefits to increase or reduce utilization of care services.  For example, an employer who is seeing overutilization of Emergency Room (ER) services can reduce the ER benefit and maximize the Urgent Care benefit to help steer employees to use more of this type of care.
HSA Compatibility Clients can easily create a Guardian Hospital Indemnity plan that is Health Saving Account (HSA) compatible for employees that have an HSA.
Quick Claims Payment Guardian's claims are not first adjudicated by the medical provider. As a result, claims are paid quickly and directly to the insured.
Portability Employees can take Guardian's Hospital Indemnity coverage with them (same rates and plan design), if they are no longer eligible for coverage through the group's plan.

Guardian Hospital Indemnity Insurance vs. other indemnity-based plans

No Set Plan Designs With Hospital and Intensive Care Unit Admission as the only required benefits, Guardian makes it easy to cover only what's needed and stay within budget.  For instance, a group can offer a sickness-only Hospital Indemnity plan if they already have Accident coverage.
More Covered Events Clients can offer Guardian's Hospital Confinement benefit with their Hospital Admission benefit. Other optional benefits include Guardian's hospice, transportation, lodging, prescription drug, ambulance, rehabilitation, urgent care, diagnostic tests, ER, health screenings, and inpatient/outpatient surgery benefits.
No Minimum Group Size Guardian covers groups with as few as two lives.
Employee-Level Choice Guardian can help clients create several plan options, so employees can select what best meets their needs and budgets. For Example, we can offer high and low cost plans (dual choice) when competing against a base and buy-up plan.
More Optional Benefits Guardian offers optional lodging, transportation, hospice, home health care, and outpatient therapy benefits.
Guaranteed Issue Guardian's plan is always Guaranteed Issue for any case size or benefit amount.


Learn more about how Guardian Hospital Indemnity Insurance can provide you and your employees with financial reassurance. We’re ready to work with you and your broker to determine the best coverage for your company’s needs.


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Hospital Indemnity Features and Advantages

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