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Guardian Vision for Your Employees

Employee getting fitted for eyeglasses covered by a group vision plan

Why offer group vision insurance to employees?

Since regular eye exams can detect diseases like glaucoma, diabetes, and blindness, more employees are looking for vision coverage as part of their employee benefits package. Whether employees have perfect vision or need corrective lenses, preventive eye care is an important part of their overall health. As one of the country’s most respected benefits providers, Guardian can help you provide comprehensive eye coverage to your employees.

Why should employees enroll in vision plans?

More and more people are making sure they have access to quality vision care. Since regular eye exams can detect diseases like glaucoma, diabetes, and blindness, enrolling in a vision insurance plan makes good sense.  

Whether you have perfect vision or need corrective lenses, preventive eye care is an important part of your overall health. In fact, recent studies suggest that 75% of us use vision correction, and nearly 64% choose eyeglasses.1 At some point in your life, you’ll likely need vision correction.

  • Why adults need vision coverage
    More than 83% of Americans report using digital devices for more than 2 hours per day, and 60% report digital eye strain.1
  • Why children need vision coverage
    Poor eyesight can lead to misdiagnosis of learning and psychiatric disorders which can result in behavioral problems.2

How much does vision insurance cost?

The cost of vision insurance can vary based on number of employees, coverage, and location but is typically just a few dollars per person per month.

Consider voluntary vision insurance

While we offer employer-paid and contributory vision coverage, you can also consider providing vision coverage to your employees on a voluntary basis. Voluntary benefits are insurance plans provided to employees at little to no cost to the employer. They allow employers to offer stronger coverages without added costs, and since premiums are paid via automatic pre-tax payroll deductions, employers pay less payroll taxes. Employees can enroll in valuable coverage at significantly lower rates than they would pay as individuals, and can cover expenses that may not be paid for by other types of insurance.

A closer look at Guardian Vision

Guardian Vision gives your employees access to a diverse selection of private practice and retail providers through our large, convenient network. Retail partners include America’s Best, Cohen’s Fashion Optical, Costco, EyeMart Express, EyeMasters, Eyeglass World, ForEyes, HourEyes, JCP Optical, Midwest Vision Centers, MyEyeDr, Nationwide Vision, PearleVision, RosinEyeCare, Sam’s Club, SearsOptical, Shopko, SteinOpticalExpress, SterlingOptical, SVSVision, TargetOptical, TSO, Visionworks, and Walmart.

  • Plans are customizable and help employees save. Contact lens evaluation and fitting are standard on all plans with a copay. Employees can choose from a range of material allowances. Lens options can be covered in full and include polycarbonate, transitional, and progressive lenses.
  • Optional features include allowances on Lasik surgery, and benefits for diabetic eye care and low vision.
  • Through EPIC’s Hearing Service Plan (HSP), Guardian offers a complementary program for managing hearing care and obtaining brand name hearing aids through the largest national network of audiologists and ENTs.
  • We provide fast, accurate, online service so your employees can access information quickly and easily. Our user-friendly web site, GuardianAnytime, helps your employees find a provider, order discounted contact lenses, view benefits, and access wellness information. It’ll also help you administer their plans.

Choice of plan options

To ensure we meet the specific needs of your employees, we also offer two other plan options: VSP and Davis Vision. These plans give employees thousands of doctors to choose from in convenient locations.


For more information on Guardian Vision, speak with your Group Benefits Broker.

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