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Voluntary Benefits

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Voluntary Small Business Employee Benefits

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Small business owners tackle many different problems every day. There are so many things to worry about, it’s like the business is running them, instead of the other way around. Finding ways to prioritize, eliminate, and simply get things done faster is always top of mind. A comprehensive employee benefits program can help small business owners solve the challenges of people, money, and time. 

Employers can use their voluntary benefit plan to attract and retain quality employees. When evaluating prospective employers, people are focusing more on what benefits are offered. For some, it may even be more important than salary as they are looking for ways to manage the rising costs of healthcare and maintain overall financial balance. A sound small business benefits package keeps employees happy, productive, and less likely to leave. In fact, 75% of employees reported they’re more likely to stay with their employer because of their benefit program.1

Why Voluntary Group Insurance May Be Right for You

You may be wondering why voluntary group insurance is an option for your small business — especially if you only have two employees. After all, employee insurance can be a significant expense, and small businesses may not have the bandwidth to seek out and research plan options, let alone drive enrollment and administer those benefits.

Voluntary benefit plans are unique. They enable you to offer comprehensive services to current and prospective workers at no direct cost to you. These solutions can help you attract and retain talent, and stay competitive with larger companies. What’s more, the cost is paid by employees via convenient payroll deductions.


An Extensive Range of Insurance for Small Voluntary Groups

Our voluntary product portfolio includes both traditional and supplemental health benefit offerings:

Traditional Insurance

Supplemental Health Insurance

These insurance products require minimal participation. To help simplify underwriting, many of these products offer guaranteed issue amounts for small companies. There are also portability and conversion options that provide continuity of coverage if an employee leaves your organization.

Types of Voluntary Employee Coverage for Small Businesses

Voluntary employee coverage can be offered in the following ways:

  • Traditional voluntary plans – 100% employee-paid. Employees select benefits that best meet their needs and budget, often at lower group rates.
  • Voluntary buy-up plans – Employers pay for basic coverage, and employees are given the option to buy up or purchase richer benefits.
  • Multi-coverage packages – Products offering basic protection are bundled together (age-banded for easy selection and rates). These packages offer employees both convenience and affordable rates.

Guardian’s Commitment to Small Business Benefits

With over 75,000 small business customers, we're proud to say that entrepreneurs and small employers are a big part of our business.

Our Consultative Approach Ensures a Customized, Holistic Solution

When you choose Guardian for employee coverage, you’ll work with a single carrier that provides ongoing support: implementation, enrollment, communication, billing, and administration. This level of service has helped make Guardian one of the fastest-growing companies in voluntary benefits sales.2

Before we recommend a solution, we’ll work carefully with you and your broker to gain a clear understanding of your objectives. Then, we’ll identify appropriate products and put together a bundled offering tailored to the unique needs of your small business.

Easier Implementation and Administration with Innovative Technology Support

Since small employers may not have in-house technical expertise, Guardian will help you set up the right systems and practices to make offering voluntary worksite benefits as seamless as possible.


Small Business Employee Benefits
Traditional Voluntary Benefits
Supplemental Health Insurance
What are Voluntary Benefits?

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