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Put Guardian Anytime to Work

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When you log-in to Guardian Anytime, you'll be able to view and manage plan information quickly and easily. Just look for the following tabs at the top of the page and click for instant access to everything you need.

Member Self-Enroll

Click on Member Self-Enroll to set-up online enrollment for your employees. If you do not have Member Self-Enroll functionality, please call 1-800-627-4200 to activate.

Meet "Grace" -- new avatar helps educate employees during online enrollment.


Group Information

Click on Group Information to view:

  • Legal Information: name, address, phone number, contact.
  • Class Benefit Information: benefit name, new hire waiting period, contribution type (employer or employee paid), open enrollment information, effective date of plan, dependent age limits.
  • Transaction History: summary of all group transactions that have occurred.
  • Request Plan Changes: To update legal information, waiting period, dependent age limits or open enrollment period, or to terminate coverage, select Request Plan Changes.


Click on Eligibility to enroll new members or to view or update employee and dependent information including demographic changes, benefit changes, terminations, reinstatements, continuations and more. All transactions submitted can be tracked through the Transaction Log found under the Reports tab. For those benefits that may require evidence of insurability, you can track where each employee is in the process once an evidence form is submitted to Guardian.


Click on Billing to find your current billing statement and up to 14 months of older billing statements. You can also make on-line payments, view payment history, sign up for paperless billing and recalculate your billing statement* (applies only to list billed groups).

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