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Group Critical Illness Insurance Overview

Critical Illness patient with doctor

Offering group critical illness insurance as part of your benefits package can give your employees the security they're looking for – and help you attract and retain the talent you want. As the health insurance market shifts more responsibility to individuals, generating higher out-of-pocket costs and copays for them, employees are looking for new ways to reduce their financial risk. You can help your employees find that extra level of financial security – and you can do it without increasing costs to your company.

Strengthen your benefits package and help protect your employees

By adding group critical illness insurance to your benefit package, you can help your employees protect their savings and stay out of debt in the event they suffer a critical illness such as cancer, heart attack, stroke, ALS, Parkinson's and others

Guardian Critical Illness Insurance complements your medical and disability insurance offerings by paying a lump-sum cash benefit on top of what is paid by any other insurance. The benefit can be used any way the insured person wishes – from covering expenses such as medical copays and deductibles to paying for everyday expenses such as the mortgage, groceries, and utilities.

What makes this one of the best critical illness insurance plans you can offer?

We understand that every company is different, which is why we help you to tailor your plan for your employees and your company's unique needs.

  • You can choose up to $50,000 in coverage
    You can customize the critical illness payment amount your employees receive (up to $50,000) according to your company's needs. Your employees can select from incremental amounts or specific amounts you select.
  • You choose how to offer it
    You can offer this coverage as a voluntary benefit – at no direct cost to your company. Or you can decide to pay for all or a portion of the cost.
  • Your employees can be covered for over 30 major illnesses
    Guardian Group Critical Illness Insurance pays lump sum benefits for over 30 major illnesses including:
    • Cancer
    • Heart attack
    • Stroke
    • Major organ transplant
    • End stage renal failure
    • Coronary artery bypass graft (CABG)
    • Arteriosclerosis
    • Parkinson's
    • Alzheimer's
    • MS
    • ALS
    • Severe burns
    • Paralysis
      Learn more about what a Critical Illness policy covers.
  • You can include hospital coverage for other illness or injuries
    As an additional rider, you can select to include coverage that pays up to $500 per day (10 days per year) if the insured employee is in the hospital for any condition other than a listed critical illness.
  • Your employees can be covered for first and second occurrences
    Employees are covered for the first and second occurrences of a critical illness. For example, if an insured person recovers from a heart attack and later has another heart attack, he or she will be covered and receive a second occurrence lump-sum payment to help with the cost of recovery.
  • Occurrences are counted from the date the policy starts
    Guardian Critical Illness Insurance pays the first occurrence benefit even if the insured person had an occurrence prior to being insured by Guardian. Other plans may not pay a first occurrence benefit if you had a critical illness prior to the policy. They would consider this the second occurrence.
  • Choose to exclude coverage for cancer
    It's to alleviate redundant coverage for employers who already offer a cancer insurance plan.
  • Coverage is guaranteed for employers with 25+ employees
    No medical questions. No medical exams.
  • Available wellness rider
    Encourage your employees to stay healthy by including a wellness benefit payment of $25 - $100 per year when they complete certain routine wellness procedures or screenings, including completion of a smoking-cessation or weight-loss program.
  • Affordable group rates
    As an employer, you can give your employees an opportunity to purchase coverage at rates that are much lower than they can get on their own.

Financial strength

We've been putting our group benefits expertise to work for businesses like yours for over 50 years. Our reputation for reliability means you can count on us to be there when you need us most. That's why we’re one of the most highly rated insurers in the industry.

We’ll help you every step of the way

From helping your employees understand the need for group critical illness insurance, to powerful enrollment, education and service support, to managing claims –  we can help you enhance your benefits package, while lightening the administrative workload for your company.

Contact your Broker today

We'll work with you and your broker on a solution that's right for your company.


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