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Guardian Absence Management Scorecard

If your company is like most, you’re trying to reduce employee absences, comply with changing leave laws, and decrease costs. But is your company getting the results you want? Use the Guardian Absence Management ScorecardSM and get a score and customized assessment that can help you:

  • Measure the effectiveness of your current absence management efforts
  • Benchmark your progress against similar companies
  • Improve your program based on proven strategies that drive success


About your score

The Guardian Absence Management Scorecard is designed to help you gauge your company’s absence management activity now and to chart its progress over time. It’s useful whether your company is large or small, has been active in absence management, or is new to it.

Your score is based on a 10-point scale developed as part of the Guardian Absence Management Activity IndexSM.  It considers 10 elements of an absence management program. You earn up to one point for fully implementing each program component. Your final score reflects the overall level of your company’s absence management activity, as well as your company’s level of advancement compared to similar size employers.


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