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View Research Findings: Closing the Gap

Guardian’s research brief “Closing the Gap” from our 4th Annual Workplace Benefits Study reveals that 80% of working Americans say they understand their employee benefits very well to make informed decisions that can set them on a path toward employee well-being. But, there’s evidence they are overestimating their knowledge.

In an employee benefits IQ quiz which tested basic knowledge of group insurance products and terminology:

  • The average grade was a 72, with 51% of working Americans earning a grade of C or below
  • 1 in 5 working Americans received an F

Read our research brief to gain insights and statistics about:

  • Where workers have misunderstandings when it comes to employee benefits knowledge
  • What employers should consider to better support employees during their benefits enrollment
  • The impact effective benefits communications has on the value working Americans place on their benefits and their loyalty to the companies they work for


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