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View Research Findings: Part-Time Nation

This research brief from Guardian's 4th Annual Workplace Benefit Study reveals that in recent years, a greater number of working Americans have left the 9-to-5 career path for the “gig economy,” taking on part-time, contingent, or independent contractor positions. And while many Americans desire the advantages of a part-time work schedule, the financial disadvantages can be a deal-breaker.




At best, part-timers typically receive reduced employee benefits packages compared to full-timers. Many are ineligible to receive any benefits at all and, therefore, lack valuable medical coverage, retirement savings plans, life insurance, unemployment insurance or workers’ compensation.

Part-Time Workers Are Financially Vulnerable

Our research has found that while the flexibility of a part-time schedule may be empowering to workers, they may at the same time feel financially insecure due to a lack of employee benefits. Some statistics were discovered about this part-time workforce include:

  • 75% are not getting medical insurance
  • 68% are not getting any retirement savings
  • 86% are not getting disability coverage
  • 87% are not getting life insurance

Given the important role these benefits play in protecting the financial security of working Americans and their families, it may be time to sound the alarm for America’s growing Part-Time Nation.

Read the research brief to learn more.


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