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Small Business, Big Benefits


Guardian’s newest report reveals that while small businesses contribute significantly to the growth of the U.S. economy business demands and shifting consumer needs are prompting small firms to address workforce well-being and adopt technology to upgrade the employee benefits experience.

The well-being of 60 million working Americans is linked to small businesses.

Like most working Americans, small business employees want less stress and a better work-life balance. They also expressed that working for companies that care about their overall well-being was at the top of their list – and more job satisfaction resulted in a long tenure with the same company.

Highlights from Guardian’s study show:

  • 4 in 10 small business workers depend on their workplace benefits for financial security
  • Higher out-of-pocket medical costs impact workforce well-being
  • Small businesses are addressing workforce health with wellness initiatives and flexible work arrangements
  • People want to work for companies that care

Most small business owners need the help of a trusted adviser to evolve their employee benefit strategies

Beyond size, differences in benefits strategy must reflect small business owner's needs, goals, and most importantly, their values.

As the 2020-decade approaches, the benefits landscape will likely become even more complex. Owners will need greater support to navigate the changes and develop optimal benefits strategies for the future of their business.

From outsourcing to HR technology, and benefits enrollment to workforce engagement, download Guardian’s study to explore the insights and solutions to help you navigate the employee benefits landscape for small businesses.


Small business, big benefits
Infographic: Small Business, Big Benefits
Infographic: The Digitalization of Employee Benefits Delivery
The Digitalization of Employee Benefits Delivery
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