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Guardian Recognized for Outstanding Return to Work Support

Decision Health Award Team

Guardian® has long been recognized as a leader in providing outstanding Group Disability and Absence Management programs that have positive outcomes for both employers and employees.

Recently, Guardian was awarded the Platinum Award for Outstanding Performance in Workers Compensation/Disability Programs from DecisionHealth®, an independent organization servicing the health care industry by providing news and analysis to businesses.

The DecisionHealth Platinum Award is one of the most sought-after awards by case management and health care professionals, as it highlights the work and contributions of programs and individuals who demonstrate success across the entire healthcare industry.

Over 50 nominations from organizations and individuals are submitted each year for consideration in categories like Patient Engagement and Education, Medication Management, Behavioral Health, and Care Coordination/Case Management.

Guardian won the award based on the success we had deploying our Vocational Suite to the market, an end-to-end, integrated solution that helps employers address absence management through the return-to-work cycle.

Congratulations to these Guardian professionals: Kathleen Hotchkiss-Wagner, Vocational Rehabilitation Specialist; Cammie McAda, Vocational Rehab Employer Services Lead; Rachel Ritz, RN Case Manager; Alyse Morrell, Claims Case Manager; and Heidi Lessig, Claims Case Manager.

We pride ourselves in building relationships with employers that embrace their culture, understand their values, and anticipate their needs so we can find the right solutions to keep their workforce healthy and productive. The DecisionHealth Platinum Award is just another example of Guardian serving our disability customers in the best possible way.


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