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Testimonial Video: Service Tire Truck Center

Creating a Winning Benefits Package for Service Tire Employees

Today’s workforce is more competitive and diverse than ever. Many Americans want access to better job benefits and they want to be financially protected from the unexpected. In fact, Guardian’s Workplace Benefits Study shows that even with medical coverage, 3 in 5 employees reported that they would be unable to pay a $3,000 medical bill if faced with a medical issue.1

Offering a comprehensive benefits package is not only an excellent way for businesses to attract and retain top talent, it can help protect employees from rising health insurance deductibles and out-of-pocket expenses. This may include paying for a hospital visit or a surgical procedure, medical bills, and other expenses while recovering.

Watch a short video from Guardian’s Annual Report to see how we worked with Service Tire Truck Center to add Accident Insurance to their existing benefits offering – and see the powerful impact their workplace benefits created for Service Tire and its employees.


Guardian understands the growing concern to manage costs and works with employers to offer the right benefits solutions customized to their needs. To learn more, contact your benefits broker or Guardian Service Representative.


Testimonial Video: Service Tire Truck Center
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