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Employer Resources to Help with Financial Stress

Workforce Well Being  - Employee Slipsheet

Recent Guardian research suggests that working Americans are facing an ongoing struggle with money. Many are concerned about having enough to cover household expenses, pay debts, and save for retirement. Chances are, you’re experiencing this as well.

Your overall wellness could be affected.

It’s almost like a chain reaction. Stress about your financial wellness can harm both your physical and emotional well-being. You might skip doctor’s appointments, avoid tests, or delay important procedures, which could be risky and worrisome. Evaluate your level of financial stress by taking our quiz at guardianlife.com/insights-resources/financial-confidence-quiz.

Look for help from your employer

Many companies offer programs designed to help promote all aspects of wellness and work-life balance. But many employees don’t take advantage of them. For example, fewer than 10% of workers participate in employee assistance programs (EAPs)*. Make sure you learn about the help your employer offers and use it to improve your well-being.

Download the flyer below to learn about resources your employer may have available to help you cope with financial, physical, and emotional stress.


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