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Infographic: Mind, Body, and Wallet

Americans are not feeling so well

Guardian's new Workforce Well-Being Index (WWBI) measured the well-being score of American workers. The average WWBI score is only 3.26 out of 5. What brings the number down is the financial wellness index, which accounts for 40% of the total WWBI score. And scored on its own, financial wellness was the weakest of the three indices, getting only 3.19 out of 5. Working Americans are worried about money — and their concern is growing.

Guardian's infographic of how financial, physical, and emotional wellness affect overall workforce well-being.

A climate of financial anxiety

American workers feel less confident about achieving their financial goals than they did two years ago. In fact, success self-ratings have worsened by nearly 15%-30% on key measures such as: 

  • Saving for college education (-27%) 
  • Replacing income if seriously ill or injured (-24%) 
  • Saving for retirement (-20%)
  • Protecting family with adequate life insurance (-17%)  

For a complete picture, read the research brief, “Mind, Body, and Wallet” from The Guardian Workplace Benefits Study: Fourth Annual.

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