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Increased Focus on Enrollment

As workers increasingly realize how valuable employee benefits are to their financial security, see where employers are focusing efforts.


Workers rely heavily on their employee benefits

Research shows that many workers today rely greatly on their insurance and retirement benefits for financial security.

  • In fact:73% say it plays a major role in how financially secure they feel
  • 68% say more than half of their financial security depends on their workplace benefits

Gene Lanzoni, Assistant Vice President – Thought Leadership, Group & Worksite Marketing notes:

“Workers are increasingly aware of how much their employee benefits contribute to their overall financial security.”

Engaging workers so they take advantage of benefits has become a top priority.

With employees valuing their benefits more highly than ever, it’s essential to support them in getting the most from what their workplace offers.  Helping workers make better decisions is an increased focus among employers:

  • In the past year, enhancing the benefits enrollment experience to encourage better decision-making has become the highest-rated strategy to achieve benefits objectives.
  • It was rated more important compared to things like making plan design changes and increasing employee cost-sharing.

Watch the video to learn more.


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